Tree Top Birds

I’ve always liked the idea of having a fairy-tale garden with mysterious cubby holes, fairytale mushrooms, lofty trees and beautiful bluebells. As I was growing up I loved the woods and often spent hours roaming through the towering barks hunting for hidden secrets and trying to spy some of the wonderful wildlife. So now we have our first house with our first ever garden I am very excited to try and bring just a touch of this magic into it, so I have given some old ornaments a twist to help liven up the January garden blues.

I have chosen to repurpose some old scratched Christmas ornaments, which can be bought very cheap now in January, or you can choose something else:


So to start the process choose some of your old CDs that you don’t listen to anymore:


Take your CD and you can begin cutting these up with you scissors, however be careful when selecting as some of the lower quality CDs can peel the silver as below:


Also watch your fingers as the CD shards can be sharp and they can ‘ping’ a little if you are chopping quickly. It takes a little time so be patient and always cut over a plastic bag as little clippings get everywhere.

Eventually you will then end up with you CD mosaic tiles:


Sort them into sizes so you can always find something to fit your space and then it’s just a case of gluing them into place. I use hot glue as its nice and durable for the outdoors:


Once finished you can let them dry fully before pulling off any straggling glue strands. I also re-vamped my old mushroom from the garden so I have taken the time to paint the stalk gold at this point so it all works together:


Once everything is dry they are ready to get displayed! To ensure the little birds stay secure I am using some florists wire to tie them into the trees (which I have left over from making wreaths at Christmas):


And then you can enjoy your amazingly sparkly garden ornaments!!

Mirrored Bird  IMG_0707  IMG_0709

I wanted to tie the birds into our little trees before the leaves grow back, so they will be subtle hidden gems until the sun hits them and they fill the garden with lovely reflected lights, which is also something the cat quite likes!


If you want to try this yourself, you can update anything – old pots, gnomes, bird baths or whatever you feel needs a bit of a re-vamp! Go crazy and have fun