The First Steps!

Despite my lack of posts I have still been crafting, and teaching myself some new skills along the way. Last year’s Christmas presents were bath bombs, soaps and lip balms – this year I moved to hand engraved glasses, delicious chilli oil and peanut brittle. I love learning new things, and I also adore the journey. However with a full time job (and then some!) crafting has always just been a hobby of mine, so to kick start 2017 I have taken my very first steps and bought a pitch at a local fair approaching Easter time.

I am excited and nervous in equal measures – today I spent the whole day crafting to make the base of my stock (and I’ve not even gotten out of my PJs.) I am so pleased with my first patch of goodies, however here comes the nervousness, what if they do not sell? And more to the point, can I really make any money out of something I love?

Either way I feel like I have taken my first steps on a new personal journey, and that can’t be a bad thing!

Just to round this post off I will share one of my homemade shoppers from today, which is 100% hand drawn by me & also the motto it was inspired by. I hope you like it – Good night all.

All constructive feedback is welcome


The tiger and the lion may be more powerful, however the wolf does not preform in the circus