The Perfect Gift

If you have been on my website thinking something on here could be the perfect gift for you, please feel free to email at I also have PayPal links below, however please email with your address and any specifics also

Thank you

Mr and Mrs Wedding Glasses £12.50 per a set


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Mixer Glasses £4.50 each – specific in an email if you would like Mum, Dad, Cheers! or Harry Potter Designs

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Wine Glass or Pint Glass £6.00 – please specify Mum, Dad, Cheers! or Fri-Yay

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Lavender and Camomile Eye Pillows £7.00


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Hand Painted and Hand Drawn Shoppers £6.50

Please note for individuality all hand drawn bags are different as per above image. Please specify in an email when ordering which shape and colours you like

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Earrings £3.50

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Please note postage is extra and depends on the item. Please mail me for individual breakdowns or the link should take you through to the post. Any queries feel free to get in touch