I love yoga, not only because it helps me stay healthy, but mostly because it helps me take a breath from my crazy life. Moments to yourself are rare, and we very don’t stop to think about ourselves enough. We know it’s important to make ‘me’ time, but it’s so hard to do without feeling guilty. For me, my time on the mat is an excuse to switch off my brain and focus on nothing but me and my body. So last weekend when I went on a yoga retreat I could not of been happier. I certainly wasn’t the best at the postures and I still get my left and right confused, however taking a whole weekend to focus on me was amazing.


One of my favourite things from the classes (other than the fantastic teaching) was the lavender eye pillows that we were given at the end of each session. Such a gorgeous way to help unwind in Shavasana and it really made the made the experience that little more relaxing, and feel that much more of a treat.

Well, I had to make some as soon as I got home, and as soon as I told my friend she wanted one too! They will be perfect addition to my stall and to my own practice at home.

Now, everyone all together this time …. Om



Naturally Sweet

I am a sugar addict. Sure I fought it for sometime and I certainly argued my case when my dentist called me out on it, however I have finally come to terms with it. I am a sugar addict and it’s time to start fighting back.

Now when you are so deep into sugar as I am, simply giving up is not easy, and cutting out the odd sweet treat is not going to happen. I adore fruit and honey so for me the first steps is giving up just refined sugar. Eating natural and hoping it halves my addiction and realigns my taste buds. Here’s hoping!

So far I have managed 9 days and now the tiredness and headaches are over I genuinely feel great, and I am eating so much better.

One of my favourite breakfasts is spelt pancakes. Dairy, wheat and sugar-free, but absolutely delicious! Made simply with spelt flour (about a cup full), 2 teaspoons of baking powder, coconut milk (3/4 cup) and an egg. It really is that easy –  add a good handful of blueberries (so they pop when cooking!) and feel free to add some grated lime zest or vanilla powder for an extra boost or a special treat. Heat some coconut oil or soya butter in the frying pan and then use a tablespoon to add the mixture to the pan. One tablespoon makes one small pancake – and I like to make them small and stack them high!


I also had my first attempt at making raw chocolate this weekend which was absolutely scrummy! So raw chocolate dunked figs may be on the menu this weekend . . .

Enjoy people, and stay sweet!

Scented Room Sprays

Here is one of my favourite and easiest things to make! These little room sprays are great to have around the bedroom, car or just to use on any fabrics, like a natural febreeze.

You simply take a small spray bottle (if this is a gift you can use a slightly fancier one than I am using here) and fill this with spring water, leaving just a teeny gap at the top so you can screw the top on without spillages.  Then to the water add your essential oils, you only need a few drops of each and you can blend to taste. Some of my favourite recipes are:

Sultry Sleep: this is my favourite smell and I use it in all my cosmetics – 3 drops lavender, 2 drops benzoin, 3 drops bergamont

Out with the Old: this is my favourite car smell, it has quite a strong herb scent so its best used in the car to get rid of any unwanted smells (or occasionally in the boyfriend’s shoes) – 4 drops lemon and 2 drops basil.

Depending on your bottle size you can amend as you wish.

Then spray generously wherever you need, this is fabric safe and pet friendly too. I also have various Christmas recipes so if you need one later on in the season just drop a request in