Two weekends in and my stock is coming along nicely. Today every radiator and door knob is being used to dry my canvases, which have been carefully painted ready to become shoppers and cushions in the next few weeks.

Add that to the homemade jewellery and engraved mixers I started on last week and the structure of my stock is coming into place.

16 shoppers, 4 glasses, 12 earrings, 5 keyrings and 6 half made cushions completed so far – a whole load more left to go! I better get my furry helper pitching in next week



The first blog


If you are on here to look for quirky homemade gifts, achievable DIY tips or just to generally take a look – welcome! Firstly I must say that everything on here is bits and bobs I have picked up over the past few years, I don’t claim to have invented everything from scratch and I don’t know exact measurements or patterns, however I do know¬†what has worked for me in the past and I hope I can give you enough guidance to help you create something you love all for yourself.

My new year resolution this year is to grow my own herbs and hopefully a few plants that will help with me with my homemade crusade. My success rate on this in the past has been poor at best, so I’m hoping for 2015 I can turn this around to grow some delicious smelling and tasting bits that can feature in my gifts. I’ve started with a gooseberry bush that I planted last week in our little garden and some herb seeds I am trying to grow on our windowsill. Hopefully by the end of the year I will adding them to oils, salts, sachets, teas, cosmetics …. and the gooseberries to a sorbet.

In the meantime the Christmas decorations have come down and it’s time for me to begin thinking about how to decorate the spare room, however I just couldn’t pack away my homemade moose-head, so I think he will have to become the first feature of the room.